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Hyalu Ue-S Ageless Tablets

(Each tablet contains 300mg of hyaluronan and 100mg of collagen)

Description of the Product

Hyalu Ue-S Ageless Tablets are a nutrient-supplemental food product based mainly on hyaluronan and collagen with its excellent moisture retention, and contain 10 different kinds of natural ingredients in all.
There are two main production methods (for such products): The separation method using (a plant called) cockscomb and the fermentation method, and the latter involves the use of chemical substances. Hyalu Ue-S Ageless Tablets place a high priority on safety, and are produced with the natural separation method.
Generally tablets are made through solidification with a thickening agent, but Hyalu Ue-S Ageless Tablets do not employ any thickener. Instead, they use a small amount of vegetable fats and oils. Because of this, they do not require unnecessary components.


Hyaluronan is produced in our body, and it exists in all parts of the body. A human body consists of as many as one trillion cells, but each cell is in an unbound state and is not connected to the others. One of the substances that connect these loose cells from the outside is hyaluronan. Connection does not simply bind cells together like an adhesive, but it plays important roles such as conveying nutrients that cells require, discharging wastes from cells and transmitting information among cells. Hyaluronan is found in various parts of the body. It is rich, in particular, in skin, joints, bones, cartilage, (blood) vessels, eyes and so on. To be (so) rich in these parts means that these body parts need it greatly.

Hyaluronan decreases in amount as one ages

It is said that one cause for the decrease in the amount of hyaluronan in the body as one ages is that the hyaluronan contents in foods are very low. Since the hyaluronan content is low in particular in the edible parts of vegetables and animals or so on, its amount decreases with the progress of aging unless one makes up for the amount that is synthesized in the body from other nutrients. As hyaluronan in the body tends to decrease very quickly, its levels decrease by half in half a month, while collagen, a similar substance, halves its levels in over half a year. In order to keep a young body, it is very important to supplement hyaluronan.

Two production methods

There are two manufacturing methods currently employed for hyaluronan production: The separation method using cockscomb and the fermentation method. Our company produces it with the separation method using cockscomb.
* No ordinary enzymes are used in our product. Instead, the enzyme contained in fruits (kiwi fruit) is used for finishing the product.
The product is manufactured with a 100% natural separation method with the employment of super low molecular weight hyaluronan that excels in efficient absorbability.

The enzyme contained in kiwi fruit

The study on the cosmetic functions of the extract from the seeds of kiwi fruit led to the discovery of its suppression function on the formation of dihydrotestosterone, that is believed to be the cause of acne, (inhibition function on 5α-reductase), or of the inhibition function toward the lipase arising from propionibacterium acne (acne bacteria), and further to the recognition of the improvement effect on wrinkles and abatement of the color differences in skin shades.

Functionality of kiwi seeds and their components

Oil was extracted from kiwi seeds, and its fatty acid composition was examined. It was recognized that kiwi fruit oil, like shiso (Japanese basil) seed oil, abundantly contains α-linolenic acid that is effective for the improvement of allergic predisposition. Furthermore, it has also become clear that kiwi fruit oil contains tocotrienol and tocopherol that are effective for lowering cholesterol levels, improving arteriosclerosis and inhibiting intravital oxidation.
Upon analysis of the polyphenol contents in the extracts obtained from kiwi seeds as well as from other parts than the seeds (fruit rind and fruit pulp), it has become clear that the seeds contain the highest amount of polyphenols . As the result of isolation and purification of the polyphenols contained in the kiwi seed extract, quercitrin and kaempferol 3-O-rhamnoside, both flavonol glycosides, now have been isolated and identified. Through the pharmacological actions of these components, an improvement effect for hepatic disorder has been reported.

High molecular weight molecules and low molecular weight molecules

It is known that hyaluronan has different molecular weights that show a different physiological activity. For cosmetics, in general, high molecular weight hyaluronan, with an average molecular weight from 500,000 up to 2 million, is used as a moisture-retention component because its water-retaining capability is high. High molecular weight hyaluroan is not absorbed into the skin because of its high molecular weight, and plays a moisture-retaining role on the skin surface.
Since ordinary hyaluronan is a high molecular weight molecule, and is hardly absorbed into the body, it is decomposed into a low molecular weight hyaluronan so that the absorbability is enhanced. As the low molecular weight hyaluroan of Hyalu Ue-S Ageless Tablets has high capability of water and moisture retention, it is efficiently absorbed into the body.

Efficacy and Advantage

Skin: Improvement of firmness, dullness, mottling and age spots
Diabetes: Because of the function of hyalronan is to control the water content in the blood, thick blood is transformed into thin blood.
Arteriosclerosis: The product serves to help prevent arteriosclerosis, because hyalronan is one of the components that form blood vessels.
Arthritis: Hyaluronan was originally developed as a curative medicine for arthritis, and it helps in formation of cartilage and water retention, and alleviates joint pain.
Atopic dermatitis: The product helps in regeneration of the cells destroyed by the side effects of therapeutic steroid drugs, and reproduces the healthy skin.
Burns: The product activates the functions of connective tissues and colony forming cells that restore and regenerate the cells lost by injury or other harm.
Dry eye: The product replenishes water to the crystal lens or cornea that tends to dry out because of the use of OA equipment or air conditioners.