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 Product sheet - sour whey concentrate


The sour whey concentrate is a fermented high concentrate of sour whey and contains all important trace elements and minerals of milk; however it does not contain any fat and proteins. It is a brownish clear liquid with a slightly aromatic odour and taste with definitely better taste and odour properties than pure whey. Thanks to its particular manufacturing process, it is rich in natural dextrorotatory lactic acid (L (+) or S (+) lactic acid content approx. 10%) which is also responsible for its extraordinary good activity.
The combination of highly enriched natural lactic acid and sour whey presents a superior activity compared to pure whey or lactic acid, the reason for this being the unique increase of the buffer capacity. Sour whey concentrates are three times more resistant to basically reacting substances than lactic acid or whey alone.
The sour whey concentrate has a brownish clear colour. It has a sour taste and odour.

Density:                     1.140 g/ml
pH value                        2.7
Lactic acid                 10% (g/g), thereof 
                                 L (+) lactic acid 99.1% 
                                 R (-) lactic acid 0.9%
Fat                                 0 g
Protein                          0 g


The sour whey concentrate is a highly acidic liquid combining the properties of a natural antibiotic with those of a probiotic. Due to the high dissociation of lactic acid in aqueous solutions, the balance of the protolysis is in the acidic range.

Lactic acid is a stronger acid than acetic acid. A number of particular properties result from these physical properties:

• Production of a lactic acid medium (probiotics),
• Cultivation of lactic acid bacteria (intestinal, vaginal),
• Killing of germs and bacteria unstable with respect to lactic acid (antibiotics),
• Strengthening of the body’s immune system,
• Supporting the digestion function,
• Regulation of the acid-base balance,
• Purification and revitalisation of the metabolism,
• Stabilisation of the buffer capacity of the skin and mucous membranes by the factor 3.

These properties result in the following attributes of the sour whey concentrate which are generally acknowledged as being beneficial to health:

• stimulates the liver function,
• has a soothing effect on the nervous system,
• dehydrates, improves the kidney function,
• lowers blood pressure and cholesterol level,
• improves the potassium and calcium balance,
• deacidifies, purifies the basic tissue,
• helps against cellulite,
• stimulates the basic functions of metabolism,
• stimulates digestion and improves intestinal flora,
• reduces inflammatory processes (skin, mucous membrane, gastric and intestinal ulcers, etc.),
• purifies,
• reduces excess weight.

Apart from this, sour whey concentrate contains a number of important trace elements and minerals, such as listed above in extracts, as well as vitamins of the vitamin B series.