Nuwatec AG - specializied in Water, Nutrition and Technology

Portrait of our company

Nuwatec AG is specialized in producing sour whey concentrates as natural medicine. Wheys have always been praised by experts for their natural healing power. Whey was widely spread as a curative medium in former days. The scientist and doctor Tissot (1779) said: "I dare to say that whey is one of the greatest medicines."

With a unique process, whey could be changed into a lasting but still natural condition. Thus, the strong lactic acid sour whey concentrate "Unisol" was born, that contains besides 10% L (+) lactic acid all important substances of milk without fat and albumin. Original employed as a medicine against foot-and-mouth disease (occurring only with animals), it quickly showed that there are other indications for human applications, e. g. the prevention of influenza infections and the like.

That's how a traditional natural medicine that is today as modern as it was 80 years ago was developed.

Nuwatec AG products are for example liquid concentrates, dietary nutrition, health drinks, sport drinks, functional food, medical soaps, ointments and cremes, natural cosmetics but also phytotherapeutics and sweets against coughing.