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Product advantage over pure probiotics

  • No influence on the activity by gastric acid and intestinal passage,
  • Activation of the body's own lactic acid bacteria that have existed since childhood, i.e. longer-lasting activity as intestinal bacteria are supported; probiotics are only active if they are taken daily as the bacterial culture does not or only to a small degree settle in the intestinal wall,
  • Due to the high content of lactic acid additionally antibiotically active; probiotics cannot do this,
  • The totality of the ingredients promotes the health of the body, organs, and cell system as stated under the item Properties; probiotics alone cannot do this,
  • No cooling during storage necessary, at room temperature stable for 5 years
  • Uncomplicated technical application without loss of activity. 

Product advantage over usual wheys

  • High concentrate of the sour whey (1:10), i.e. highest concentration of the ingredients of the sour whey, lower required quantity in the end product.
  • No lab whey, but laboriously prepared sour whey as starting substance, particularly valuable and nowadays only produced by a few experts,
  • Multiple fermenting and maturation result in a very high content of lactic acid 10% (g/g); positive healthy properties of the whey are potentiated to obtain a pharmaceutical effect,
  • 80 years of application in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic field, high consumer safety and good activity,
  • New method for improving taste and odour results in higher acceptance by the consumer. The typical taste and odour of whey can be reduced, sugar and taste-correcting agents can be clearly reduced compared to whey drinks,
  • Solutions give clear, slightly brownish coloured liquids without films; no turbidities.
  • Stable for at least 5 years as liquid concentrate when it is kept abacterially and without  cooling